Thursday, 19 March 2015

You Should Check These Out

Something a little different here, I watch a number of review shows and the like on the internet so I'm going to recommend some of the shows I like.

First Good Bad Flicks, though the name may suggest this is a 'so bad it's good' show it's more of a look at films most people probably consider bad but host Cecil Trachenburg thinks deserve's another look, or just obscure films most of us won't of heard of that he thinks people should check out. He also has a spin off series called Good Bad Games, the Exploring series which is a more in depth look at some films and WTF Happened Too... where he discusses certain elements of the films industry that just make he go WTF!

Below is a link to the Good Bad Flicks website and his Phantasm episode, one of my favoured films.

Mr. Trachenburg is also one of the current hosts of the internet radio show Radiodrome, another of the current hosts is Petar Gagic who hosts the second show I want to tell you about, The Cine-Masochist. He reviews horror, action and exploitation films, so you will have heard of and some you wouldn't.  And his current intro on his videos is fantastic!

Below I have linked his video on Return Of The Living Dead, another of my favoured films.

The third show I want to talk about is Lost In Adaptation hosted by The Dom, as the title suggests this is a look at films adapted from novels and what changed, what stayed the same and which version is preferred by the host, he also has a review series that I am yet to check out, but having watched every episode of Adaptation and enjoying that immensely I'm looking forward to viewing these as well.

Below is the link to his episode on The Never Ending Story, and you might just find it shocking what happened in the latter half of the book as only the first was was made in to the film.

I may do another post like this some day but I hope you find something here you can watch and enjoy.

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