Thursday, 14 January 2016

Updates and Sci-Fi Month

Massive apologies, I meant only to take a two week break after my Christmas reviews but things have been crazy this last couple weeks so haven't managed to get my next review done, at the latest my next review will be out in a week but I will aim for before then. And as a teaser I will tell you my next four reviews will all be sci-fi, even a horror hound like myself likes a change once in a while.

After that I already have lots of ideas for what I want to review this coming year so keep your eyes on this page.

But as you wait for my next pice of incredible writing (yeah right) I want to reccomand two other blogs by friends of mine.  

First is sandrafirstruleoffilmclubharris and like mine is a blog looking at films especially horror ones, she is a much better writer than me on the subject so check it out.

The other is Retro TV Corner, a look at classic sitcoms of the 60's, 70's and 80's, mostly British, if like me you grew up watching a lot of the older sitcoms you'll be hit with a flood of nostalgia as soon as you click onto the page.

So go over, check out their stuff, comment, like and all that good stuff!

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