Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Trancers: City of Lost Angels (Trancers 1.5)

After talking about Trancers it is only fitting that I talk about the sequel that was thought lost for years. City of Lost Angels was a short thirty minute Trancers sequel filmed as part of the anthology film Pulse Pounders in 1988, unfortunately Pulse Pounders was never released and went lost until 2011 when a work print was found. City of Lost Angels saw a UK release as a special feature on the 88Films blu-ray of Trancers in 2014.

It's been four years since the first film and Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) has started a detective agency, but a lack of clients and Deth been more interested in enjoying his 20th century life instead of finding work has left his girlfriend Lena (Helen Hunt) angry and close to leaving him. To make matters worse super assassin Edlin Shock (Velvet Rhodes), who Deth's put in prison in own time has escaped and followed him to the past with deadly revenge on her mind.

Now since this is just a thirty minute short I don't want to give much more away, if you enjoyed the first film I say check this one out, it feels a bit like an episode if they had ever done a TV series. We don't just get to see Deth and Lena again but also some of the supporting characters from the future return. Just like the first film the cast is great and a joy to watch.

Check it out if you get the chance, because lets face it, more Jack Deth is always a good thing!

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