Monday, 12 January 2015


So I was telling some friends about this film the other week. “Have you heard of this film called WolfCop?” I asked. And after I spent five minutes explaining that in fact I didn't say WolfCock and the film wasn't some sort gay furry porno they let me continue, and soon another five minutes of explaining followed after I mentioned that the film does in fact feature full frontal nude werewolf cock.

(I think I should have saved the Troy McClure quote I used in the Scream Queens post and had it here instead, oh well.)

Wolfcop is a 2014 Canadian horror comedy about Lou (Leo Fafard), a small town cop who doesn’t seem to give a crap, preferring to spend his time in a local bar, even when he's on shift. But one night everything changes when he's made the subject of a satanic ritual which curses him to become a werewolf. What follows is his investigation into what happened to him that night, figuring out the link between brutal murders and a local hunting event and trying to get into the panties of the local barmaid.

This is a fairly new film so I don't want to give a lot away as I really enjoyed this film, it was funny, gory (in an over the top cartoon kind of way), action packed and the story was pretty solid. I liked all the cast in this film, especially Jonathan Cherry as Willie, Lou's conspiracy nut bast friend who wants to document the transformations, in his own words “for science”. One scene I'd like to highlight is the second or third time Lou transforms, he pulls on a police uniform, customises a squad car into what I'm calling the Wolfmobile (because why wouldn't I call it that), then him and Willie drive out and deliver violent justice to local thugs and drug dealers.

WolfCop is entertaining as hell, you'll have a good time going along for this ride, so get some friends together and enjoy!

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